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Download video content, convert media files, and create subtitles
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YouTube Downloader Free is a software program with a self-explanatory name. Its main function is to provide the means to grab videos from YouTube and save them to your PC, but it also embeds other useful features such as a media converter, a subtitle creator or a photo downloader.

Its interface is very colored, has lots of buttons and icons with various animations, but the menu and toolbar seem overcrowded and the button responsiveness is not great either.

As per its features, YouTube Downloader Free is capable of sufficing various user needs. Users are able to not only download videos from YouTube but also convert them from MP4 to MP3 format.

Another cool feature allows you to create a subtitle file from badly synchronized lyrics. You just have to load the media file, listen to it and select the correct line when its turn comes.

Furthermore, the application is equipped with a photo downloader tool that lets users grab all the pictures from a specific webpage. This is done by simply pasting the URL of the page and customizing your desired options.

To summarize, YouTube Downloader Free is a multi-functional software program equipped with various tools in order to suffice the needs of different users.

John Saunders
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  • Converts MP4 to MP3 format
  • Downloads series of pictures
  • Creates subtitle files


  • A poor button responsiveness
  • An overcrowded interface
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